The 43rd District Democrats Environmental Caucus is active in the 43rd Legislative District of Washington State. It lies within the city of Seattle covering Eastlake, Capitol Hill, Madison Park, Broadmoor, Montlake, University District, Wallingford, and parts of Greenlake, Ravenna, Fremont, South Lake Union and downtown Seattle.

The 43rd District Democrats Environmental Caucus strives to assure that the environmental crisis, in particular climate disruption, is addressed in policies, platforms, positions, resolutions and endorsements of the 43rd District Democratic Party Organization.

The caucus seeks opportunities outside the 43rd Legislative District to support candidates with strong environmental positions and advance substantial environmental and climate policies as openings arise.

The caucus seeks to take every opportunity to join with community groups and media outlets to increase awareness of the environmental and climate disruption issues that face our world today.